Barry Sonnek


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My career average “Original List Price to Final Sales Price” ratio for my listings is over 98%! To put this into perspective, the South Orange County market average is less than 91%. This means that my Sellers’ homes sell on average 6% closer to the original list price as compared to the average South Orange County real estate agent Sellers’ homes. This ratio demonstrates how accurate and skillful the Listing Agent is at pricing a home. On average, my listings sell within 2% of their Original List Price as compared to the market average less than 9%!

My career average for “Last List Price to Final Sales Price” ratio for my listings is over 99%! The South Orange County market average is less than 96%. This ratio demonstrates how high or low the Listing Agent negotiates the price for the Seller at the time an offer is presented. On average, I negotiate a price 3% higher for my Sellers when an offer is presented as compared to what the average South Orange County real estate agent does for their Sellers!

My Career average for “Days On Market” is 43 days. The local market average is over 90 days. “Days On Market” is the number of days from the original date of the home’s listing to the date of sale. Please remember, the longer a home stays on the market, the lower the final sales price will be.

Kathy Schager

Real Estate Agent

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lifestyle through the acquisition or sale of Real Estate. Whether it’s a small starter condo, an investment property or a multi-million dollar oceanfront estate, I can help folks find the kind of property that meets their needs in Orange County. For folks who need to move on from a property and sell it, I have a successful 59-point marketing plan to help them accomplish this goal and get a great price for the property they wish to sell. My favorite moments are the ones in which I see my clients’ joy, excitement or relief because we’ve achieved the right circumstance in which to help them get their immediate or long-term real estate goals met!

Specialties: My background includes time as an educator as well as senior-level management in a corporate setting. I am a strong but diplomatic negotiator and I am always diligent in my follow-up with clients and with anyone involved in a current or potential transaction with my clients. I also have first-hand knowledge of what it means to own a home and rental properties, as I purchased my first home in 2000, followed by five investment properties. Those experiences have allowed me to truly understand my clients’ challenges, questions and concerns from the perspective of a consumer.

If you would like to visit me in other media outlets, please don’t hesitate to connect with me on Facebook and Youtube by visiting the links below. Thank you and I look forward to providing you and your friends and family great service!